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Doing business at covid time, is HARD and EASY

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Being Positive is the only path to survival

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New York- we are now in an era of a shaking world ,closed economies, entire industries are shutting down we are in the middle of a political battle between the democratic and the republican parties, what will an open minded business owner do? Sleeping? of course not , a real businessman is taking out every trick of the box just to survive these days, as we opened up a new company in these difficult times, we are not afraid to take hard steps in the good direction , taking your business out of critical condition, working together to keep a positive tone will make us all better, said Yitz Farkas the ceo of Far Marketing USA inc. , a marketing and Public Relations Agency, - thats gonna be the only way we will beat the devill, with a positive tone we will see a better future, added Mr. farkas we have no other choice. we must do a better job on marketing and public relations

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